US Virgin Islands Travel Tips During Covid - Taxi Rates

US Virgin Islands Travel Tips During Covid - Taxi Rates

US Virgin Islands Travel Prices During Covid Taxi, Ferry and Boat!

The US Virgin Islands are a group of islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea. A territory of the United States of America so for US citizens passports are not required. The three main islands are St. Thomas St. Croix, and St. John.

We didn’t rent a car on this trip and took taxis, boats, and ferries around the US Virgin Islands. Here are the prices of traveling around the virgin islands.

We stayed at Bluebeards resort in Charlotte Amalie, the price of a taxi van from the airport to our hotel was $24 USD.

A taxi van from our hotel to downtown Charlotte Amalie was $10

A taxi from our hotel in Charlotte Amalie to Red Hook ferry terminal cost us $10 per person or $20 total USD

A Taxi (van) from Emerald beach resort to the airport $6 per person

A dollar Taxi from our hotel (main road) to Crownbay marina $2 ($1 per person)

A dollar taxi from coki beach to red hook was $2 each

The ferry from red hook to cruz bay was about $20 each round trip

The boat from crown bay marina to water island was $10 each round trip

A free taxi is available from the dock at water island to honeymoon beach or you can rent electric golf carts

This gives you an idea of what it costs to travel around St Thoma and St John in the US Virgin Islands.

Our full trip summary is on Youtube

USVI Covid Trip Summary and Taxi Rates