Saving Money To Travel - Coffee Habits

Saving Money To Travel - Coffee Habits

Coffee Habits Cost A Lot

In 2019 I spent over $1,609 on coffee. That was not including coffee purchases made with cash so it’s probably a little higher. That’s the price you pay for coffee living in New York City. At least it’s the price I paid. Coffee was one of my most expensive habits each month and I knew it.

A few days a week I would find myself at one of a handful of coffee shops in the neighborhood, working on my laptop, chatting with people and escaping my dark basement apartment. Even with a 2 grip Linea PB La Marzocco at work which saved me a lot of money, I still spent a fortune on coffee.

Saving To Travel - Making Coffee at Home

Coffee is one of those small habits that can cost a lot and you may not notice how much you spent at the end of the year. I wanted to save more money to travel. Making coffee at home was going to be a big way to save and put more money into my savings.

First things first finding a good home espresso machine but living in a small basement apartment I didn’t want yet another appliance taking up space. So for now an espresso machine wasn’t the answer, I wanted a manual espresso press that would provide plenty of pressure. Most manual espresso presses I found were made of plastic or didn’t seem like they would give the pressure needed for a good shot of espresso.

Then I found the Flair Espresso press, it’s made out of metal, comes with a gauge and had some great reviews. It looked perfect and I really loved seeing the gauge so went with this press.

For the first few months I purchased pre-ground coffee, but I quickly found that the dispersion screen needed a custom grind. I would often ask local coffee shops to grind a bag slightly coarser than espresso. A few times I got coffee ground too fine and it clogged up the press. Other times the grind was too coarse and there was no pressure when pulling a shot.

To get the best espresso out of this press I’d have to have my own grinder. I found the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder to have some excellent reviews and with 40 grind sizes i’d be sure to find one that worked well with the flair.

The Best Coffee Subscription Trade Coffee

With a coffee grinder on the way I needed to get some coffee beans. Trade Coffee was my go to their selection of coffee and customer support are incredible. I ordered a few bags of beans and on the day they arrived it took about 3 shots to dial in the grinder settings then pure bliss with that fourth grind and shot.

It was a perfect delicious shot of espresso with freshly ground coffee from beans ground just a week ago. Plus it just saved me about $5 and at the end of the year that’ll add up to over $1,000 in savings.

Go put money in your savings

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