Hiking Breakneck Ridge Trail

### Breakneck Ridge From NYC Take the Metro North Hudson line from Grand Central station. It stops at Breakneck Ridge trail head just north of Cold Spring NY on weekends and holidays. Check their website for updated schedules and information. Listen for announcements telling you which car you will exit. Only two doors opened for us near the rear of the train.

The Trail Head

To get to the trail head for the main loop when you exit the train turn right and walk back along the road. Don’t be confused with the yellow trailhead which is directly across the train stop. That is the yellow trial where we finished our hike. On the weekend and holidays, you’ll probably see a tent set up at the trailhead with some people handing out trail maps and giving some basic information about the hike.

Is it a hard hike?

This is a moderate to hard hike and very steep in the beginning, you will ascend upwards of 1,200 feet in a very short distance. The first part of the hike you’ll be climbing up steep rocks. Take your time as you climb so you don’t get stuck in any sketchy area. Follow the white trail markers up the mountain. There will likely be plenty of people all around for you to follow and watch. Getting to the first view point was the hardest.

Which Trails?

We hiked up the white trail to the red trail and back down the yellow trail. This is the most popular route. It took us over 3 hours since we stopped to take lots of pictures and to eat lunch.

What to Wear?

Comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes and really anything you wear while working out will be ok to climb with. T-shirts, shorts, spandex, etc. You’ll probably be sweating on the hike if it’s warm out so maybe bring an extra shirt

What to Bring?

Water, bring lots of water. My backpack was nearly full of water bottles and in the end, we had one left. We also packed some granola and cliff bars but also had a full lunch in containers with us.

Breakneck Ridge Trail Map

Breakneck Ridge Trail Map