Hiking El Yunque National Forest - Mt Britton Trail

Hiking El Yunque National Forest - Mt Britton Trail

Hiking El Yunque Mt Britton Trail

San Juan to El Yunque

Our goal was to leave early for El Yunque, so we picked up the rental the night before and parked it in a lot near our hostel the Mango Mansion. We left at 7am and it took about an hour to get to the rain forest. There wasn’t too much traffic leaving San Juan, more cars were heading in to the city as it was a Monday morning and people were going to work.

You really need to keep your eyes open for these two signs

The first sign you’ll see on PR-3 l Yunque PR-3

And the second sign comes right after the first l Yunque PR-3

We missted it the signs, turned around, then found ourselves on a street which runs parallet to PR-3 and found the entrance.

Mt Britton Trail

This is a moderate hike, it’s an in and out trail so you’ll hike to the tower then back down and out the same way you went in. There was plenty of parking along the road for this trail. The trail weirdly has a cement path most of the way up. The cement has natural stones in it and kind of blends in to the surroundings. I personally disliked having this path to walk on but given the amount of rain I understand without it not many people would make the trek to the tower. The path is also raised up just a bit and is mostly dry.

You’ll be walking uphill all the way but nothing too steep. At some point near the top you’ll get out of the trail and will be walking on a paved asphalt road this is the steepest area.

Once you’re at the sign you’ll bare right which is a tiny trail that leads you right to the tower. At the top the views are pretty incredible all around a palm forest with new trees which are flourishing since hurricane Maria knocked over most of the larger ones.

Hiking Gear

We took an Earthpak dry bag with us to keep our gear dry, we read it rains a lot in the forest but on the day we went it was mostly sunny but didn’t want to chacne it.